AC Event | Recap: Film Screening (Kung Fu Hustle)

Authentic China and OXCIAx has organised a film event together with Oxford University Language Centre on the Wednesday of the 8th week. The film screened was Stephen Chow’s Kung fu Hustle. Many positive responses about the film were received from those who participated in the event.

Kung Fu Hustle is a great movie. Lots of modern movies have borrowed scenes from the movie. It is very incredible since it was made in the 90s but the quality of the stunts is fantastic.
– Giuseppe Spatafora

Thanks a lot for organising this event. I’m currently learning Chinese and it is great to watch some Chinese movies. Stephen Chow’s movies are always pleasant to watch and the movies nowadays have a lot to learn from him. I hope that you can organise more of such events!
– Dr Helen Bergen


– Giuseppe Spatafora

– Dr Helen Bergen

Yixuan & Yilin

Yixuan (Cassie) Song 宋羿萱     Yilin Zhao 赵艺霖

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