AC Event | Recap: A Taste of China (Jiǎozi)



Flour + Water = Dough → Wrappers



Make the Filling


Fold the Sides of the Wrapper


Enjoy the Boiled Jiǎozi!


I thought it was just come to have food and drinks and I didn’t expect to be participated in making it, which is very interactive. It is a very good opportunity to enjoy Chinese cultures with people with various culture backgrounds.
– Wonyong (South Korea)

This activity is funny, and everyone is welcoming. I like the dumplings very much, they are beautifully shaped and taste good.
– Michael Rowand (USA)

Everyone here is very friendly and the dumplings taste very good. Pork flavour is my favourite. I hope there could be a Jian Bing making workshop in the future.
– Alisa Brown (Scotland)

Credit: Xiao Jaryn

Zhanxin & Yilin

Zhanxin Hao 郝展欣     Yilin Zhao 赵艺霖

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