OCLT | Final Boarding Call

This is the final boarding call for Chinese Learners!

If you are interested in participating in our Chinese Language Tutorial Programme in 2018/19 AY, please read the Chinese Learner Infromation and follow the steps to join us!

As our flagship programme, this programme provides a platform for people in Oxford (not limited to Oxford students) to improve their Chinese through weekly tutorials with Chinese native speakers and a certificate of participation will be issued when the learner has completed ten tutorials. Tutors are supported with teaching materials at weekly workshops organised by our team. They are also advised to design their own tutorial sessions according to the proficiency level and the need of the learners, allowing for greater flexibility. The tutorials are organised at three levels (beginner/ intermediate/ advanced). The OCLT programme in 2018/19 AY started in the fourth week of MT and is expected to continue through HT depending on the progress of the learners.


Yixuan (Cassie) Song 宋羿萱

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