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OXCIA, founded in 2005, is always eager for new blood. The heart of OXCIA is COMMUNICATION and we believe that cultural communications are non-exclusive and borderless. So if you know some of your friends interested in Chinese culture, just invite them to join us! We are sure they will enjoy our events. The OXCIA committee also needs active and conscientious people to manage several exciting activities. It doesn’t matter if you are Chinese or non-Chinese, since our committee members are bound together by our values!


OXCIA Chinese Language Tutorial Programme

Authentic China



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Hi there! My name is Joe and I used to sit on the OXCIA committee. My time at OXCIA has been great; I’ve improved my Mandarin with weekly tutorials, and experienced authentic Chinese culture through the Taste China programme, learning to make dumplings with other Chinese and non-Chinese members of OXCIA, and celebrating Chinese new year together! I’m really excited to hear about OXCIA’s rebranding, and I’m sure it’ll more even more great events for it’s members. Wishing OXCIA a successful 2018, see you at an event soon!best!
– Joe

I teach Academic Writing and Communication Skills at the University Language Centre (where the Chinese Corner meets at 7pm on Wednesday evenings). I am a student of Chinese in the OXCIA Language Tutorial Programme. I have learnt to make dumplings in a student kitchen, attended a cultural evening and joined a group of students and tutors for dinner in a Chinese restaurant. I think it is a good idea for OXCIA to extend its cultural activities in the programmes ‘Authentic China’ and ‘OXCIA Lab+’. I wish you all the best!
– George Taylor

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Credit: Jaryn Qiu Yan Yutong Yuran Ying Wen


Jaryn Huang 黄静远

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